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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a train ticket and creating a user account in our online sales environment, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Service provider

AS Eesti Liinirongid (Elron), registry code 10520953, Vabaduse pst 176, 10917 Tallinn, Eesti
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Ticket prices

The prices for all tickets sold online are presented in the Elron.pilet.ee environment. All prices are presented in euros and they are final – additional taxes or fees are not added to the prices.

Additional information on ticket prices and discounts can be found on our homepage http://elron.ee/piletiinfo/piletid.

Possible payment methods

In the Elron.pilet.ee environment you can pay using a bank link, Visa and MasterCard payment cards.

Delivery of tickets

Tickets can be purchased and loaded onto an Elron travel card (individual tickets, season tickets and top-up money) or sent to an e-mail address (individual tickets). Elron is not responsible for the accuracy of the information entered by the user during the purchasing process (e.g. Farecard number or e-mail address) or for making the purchased tickets available to third parties by entering an incorrect e-mail address or providing access to the user’s e-mail address.

User account

To take advantage of all of the functions offered by the ticketing system, the customer may create a user account, using an e-mail address and setting a password. The user account allows:

  • Tickets to also be purchased online using money from the Elron Farecard;

  • to display all purchased tickets and the purchase history;

  • to conveniently display the purchased QR code sent to one’s e-mail address proving the right to travel aboard the train;

  • To administer one’s own Farecard and the Farecards of family members.

Using purchased tickets

The sale of tickets online ends 30 minutes prior to the departure of the train from the original station of departure. If you were late in purchasing a ticket online for the desired train, you can purchase it from the train ticket machine or customer service representative. Please note that purchasing tickets aboard the train is more expense than online (more information: http://elron.ee//piletiinfo/piletid).

In the case of an individual ticket purchased in advance, proof of the right to travel on the train must be provided to the customer service representative based on the selected ticket delivery method, either in print, in pdf form on the screen of an electronic device capable of such display, or via a user account.

Purchased individual tickets are valid only for the specific trip, date and between the stops or zones selected by the user when making the purchase.

Season tickets entitle the holder to travel an unlimited number of times during the period selected by the user, and between the stops or zones selected by the user.

Discount tickets are only valid along with a document proving the right to a discount ticket (http://elron.ee/piletiinfo/piletid).

Money loaded onto a Farecard can be used to pay for the ticket aboard Elron’s trains and also if you have an online user account. It is not possible to pay online with money that has been loaded onto a Farecard without a user account.

Elron is not responsible for the correctness of the choices made by the user during the purchase process (e.g. type of ticket, date of travel, or selected departure).

By purchasing a ticket, the user agrees to abide by the Rules for the Carriage of Passengers.

Possible payment methods

A ticket purchased in advance can be returned via Elron’s homepage or e-mail ([email protected]).

The return request, along with proof of a valid ticket, must be submitted no later than 60 minutes before the departure of the train indicated on the ticket. If the request is sent later, the cost of the ticket will not be refunded.

The cost of a ticket purchased in advance will be refunded without a fee to Elron’s travel card only via Elron’s website.

If a request for a refund of the ticket money is sent by e-mail and / or a refund of the money to a current account is requested, a service fee of EUR 1 will be deducted from the refunded amount. If the cost of the ticket is less than EUR 1, the cost of the ticket will not be refunded.

It is possible to submit a written application for the refunding of a ticket at Elron’s ticket offices; however, the money will not be refunded at the ticket offices. If a request for a refund is submitted at a ticket office, a service fee of EUR 1 will be deducted from the refunded amount.

In order to change an already purchased ticket, the passenger must return the existing ticket in accordance with this procedure and purchase a new ticket.

In the case of a season ticket, the cost of the ticket shall be refunded, less the amount corresponding to the price of the season ticket based on the number of days used.

In order to return a season ticket, the return request must be submitted to the e-mail address info (at) elron.ee. In the case of a period ticket, the money paid for the ticket will be refunded free of charge to Elron’s Farecard. If a refund of the money to a current account is requested, a service fee of EUR 1 will be deducted from the refunded amount. The ticket will be cancelled on the date following the day of receipt of the refund request and the cost of the ticket in terms of the number of days it was used will be deducted from the cost of the purchased season ticket. If the sum to be refunded is less than EUR 1, the cost of the ticket will not be refunded.

The costs of refunding the cost of a ticket to a bank outside the European Union shall be borne by the applicant. The carrier shall transfer the sum to the account of the receiving bank, from the amount of which a service fee of EUR 1 and the transfer fee established in the price list of the transferring bank shall be deducted in advance. If the transfer and service fee together exceed the cost of the refundable ticket(s), the ticket money will not be transferred to a bank account outside the European Union. The fee(s) set by the host bank shall be paid by the refund applicant in accordance with the price list established by the host bank.

The cost of the ticket will be refunded to the bank account within five working days from the receipt of the request and the appropriate proof and the necessary additional information (e.g. bank account number and name of the owner).

Reimbursement of tickets

On the basis of a written application, Elron will reimburse the cost of an individual ticket in full to the passenger if the train is delayed by 30 minutes or more compared to the scheduled arrival time at the destination.

Season ticket holders will be reimbursed for the cost of a delayed journey on the basis of a written application in the event of single or repeated delays or cancellations. The prerequisite for compensation is a ticket that has been checked aboard the train, along with a valid right to travel on the delayed train. The amount to be reimbursed is:

  • cost for 0.5 days, if the ticket is valid for 1 – 5 days;

  • cost for 1 day, if the ticket is valid for more than 5 days;

A passenger with a First Class ticket will be reimbursed if the passenger has not been guaranteed a seat in First Class. Reimbursement takes place on the basis of an application submitted in a form which can be reproduced in writing.

Also subject to reimbursement are additional reasonable costs for substitute domestic transport, if Elron failed to guarantee the scheduled journey and the passenger was not provided with replacement transport within two hours of departure. Compensation for all other incidental damages will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with applicable law.

The following information must be presented in the application:

  • ticket number or the original ticket or a copy thereof;

  • in the case of a claim for reimbursement of replacement transport costs, the passenger must provide the original cost document or a copy thereof certifying the replacement transport costs;

  • Elron Farecard number or Smartcard number, the passenger’s current account number along with given and surname, if reimbursement to a current account is desired;

  • Other necessary information upon the request of Elron.

The application for compensation must be sent to [email protected] (further information (http://elron.ee/piletiinfo/pileti-huvitamine).

Elron will make a decision regarding the payment of compensation within five working days from the receipt of the request, the appropriate proof and the necessary additional information (e.g. bank account number and name of the owner). In order to verify all of the circumstances, this time limit may be extended by a reasonable period of time, informing the customer thereof within the period of time specified above.

Complaint proceedings

Passengers have the right to submit written complaints, notices and statements (hereinafter Statement) to Elron regarding the quality of Elron’s service and other matters related to transport services.

Statements may be submitted:

Complaints regarding services provided by third parties will, if possible, be forwarded by Elron to the person responsible for the matter on which the complaint is based. Complaints about railway infrastructure (waiting platforms, station and platform lighting, etc.) are forwarded to the manager of railway infrastructure. The complainant shall also be notified regarding the forwarding of the complaint.

Elron shall provide a reasoned reply within 15 calendar days, at the latest, or, in justified cases, inform the passenger of the date on which, within a timeframe of not more than three months from the submission of the Statement, it may expect a reply to the Statement.

The party who submits a Statement has the right to submit a complaint to the Consumer Protection Board at any time, the contact information of which can be found at www.tarbijakaitseamet.ee.

Additional information can be found in the Rules for the Carriage of Passengers.

Data to be processed and the use thereof

Elron limits data collection to the minimum necessary to provide quality customer service. The ticketing system stores the following information on tickets and individuals:

  • e-mail address;

  • Farecard number

  • ticket type

  • information on ticket validity (trip, start and end time, departure and destination)

  • ticket price and sales channel

By purchasing a ticket and creating a user account, the customer grants Elron the right to process and use the data: to ensure the operation of the user account and verification of purchased tickets, to deliver the ticket to the user, to notify the use about the expiration of the season ticket, to provide extraordinary travel information (extensive travel delays, cancellations, or other extraordinary event).

Other ways of processing personal data are listed in Elron's personal data processing manual, which is available on Elron's website.

Protection of personal data

The party responsible for processing personal data is AS Eesti Liinirongid, and the authorised processor of personal data is ticketing system service provider AS Ridango.

Elron ensures the protection of the data in its possession with the aid of the best modern physical, organizational and technological information security measures.

Processing of personal data and user rights

Deletion of personal data

The customer has the right to withdraw the consent given for the processing of personal data at any time, demand the termination of the processing of personal data and the deletion of the collected personal data. The aforementioned consent to the processing of personal data cannot be withdrawn retroactively. If personal data is deleted, only the information about the deletion will be stored in the system. Deletion of personal data is not universal and may leave some traces of indirect personal data, such as travel data, which cannot be directly linked to the individual without the use of separately stored information, which is deleted.

Personal data inquiry

The customer has the right to request information about the personal data used and their purposes at any time. The ticketing system shall not retain personal data longer than is necessary to carry out the operations for which the data was provided.

The right to transfer data

The customer has the right to request the release of data in machine-readable form at any time. Elron will release the data in csv format. Please send the request in a digitally signed format to the e-mail address: [email protected]. The request shall be satisfied no later than within 15 working days after receipt of the application.


Elron’s ticketing system uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a web browser automatically saves to the device being used by a customer. The purpose of the cookie is to store information about the user’s behavioural habits in order to make the website more convenient to use. Elron’s ticketing system uses session-based and persistent cookies. The user has the option to disable the use of stored cookies in the web browser of his or her device by changing the corresponding settings of his or her web browser. If cookies are not used, Elron’s ticketing system may not operate properly and / or some functions may not be available to the user.