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Ticket refund

Would you like to return the ticket?

Please be aware that we can only process refunds that are claimed no later than 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.

How to apply for a refund
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Single tickets

You can claim a refund of single tickets purchased in advance but not yet used either via the ’Apply for a refund’ linkabove.

If you apply for a refund online you need to fill the text fields.

Season tickets

Claims for a refund of a season ticket or an unused portion of the ticket should be emailed to klienditugi@elron.ee. Please enclose the Farecard number. Elron shall cancel the season ticket or its unused portion from the day following receipt of the claim, and return the balance.

Refund costs
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No admin fees are charged if you apply for the refund online and ask for the refund to be paid to your Elron Farecard. 

An admin fee of 1€ will apply and will be deducted from all refunds that are claimed by email. An admin fee of 1€ will apply and will be deducted from all refunds that are paid to a bank account in the European Union. 

The costs of refunding a ticket to a bank outside the European Union are covered by the applicant. Elron transfers to the recipient account the refund sum from which the transferring bank withholds its applicable fee. If the transfer fee exceeds the cost of the refunded ticket(s) no refund will be transferred to a bank account outside the EU. The applicant covers the applicable service fee(s) of the receiving bank.

How fast will I receive a refund?
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The refund to your Farecard will be transferred immediately. The refund to your bank account will be transferred within five working days from the day we receive your application and all the required information.