The Elron Farecard is an electronic chip card onto which you can buy tickets and load money and which you can use to buy tickets on Elron’s website and on the train. The card gives a 10% discount on all tickets purchased from a ticket machine on the train and it allows you to buy season tickets.


Buy your Farecard from a
customer service representative
on board Elron trains or from
the ticket offices at the Baltic and
Tartu Stations.


The Farecard costs
EUR 2.50.

How do I use the Farecard?

You can load money on the card on the train with the help of the train staff, or online. You can then use the money on the card to buy single or season tickets on the train or on Elron’s website. You can buy several tickets using one Farecard.

When getting on the train, always show the Farecard to the customer service representative who will check whether you have the right to travel on the train. If you do not have the right to travel, you have to buy a ticket.

How can I load money onto my Farecard?

You can load money onto your Farecard via the Internet and on board the train with the help of the customer service representative. The smallest amount that you can load onto the Farecard is EUR 15 on the train and EUR 1 online.
With the help of the customer service representative on board the train you can increase the amount loaded onto your Farecard by steps of 5 euros (€15, €20, €25 and so on).
You can use the money on your Farecard on the website and on the train. You have to create a user account to buy tickets on the website using the money on your Farecard.

Where can I see my Farecard transaction history?

You can see your transaction history here by signing in with your Farecard number.

How can I buy a ticket from a ticket machine on the train with my Elron Farecard?

1. Tap your Elron Farecard on the ticket machine reader.
2. Choose your desired destination – you can choose either a specific stop or in the near vicinity of Tallinn the zone which includes your stop.
3. Choose your desired ticket – if you want to use your local government discount on your Smartcard, press “Choose” next to “Smartcard discount ticket” and then tap your Smartcard. If you want to buy a regular ticket without any local government discount, choose “Single ticket” or “Single discount ticket”.
4. Based on the information entered the machine will display the price.
5. To confirm your purchase, tap your Elron Farecard on the reader again.

How long is my Farecard valid?

The Elron Farecard is valid as long as it is in use. There is no specific validity period for the Farecard. 
If the Farecard has not been used for three years, Elron has the right to unilaterally cancel the card without any advance notice.

Can the Farecard be used by more than one person?

The Elron Farecard is a ticket-holder, which means that there can be several tickets on the card and the card can be used by several people. The Elron Farecard is not personalised. It is important to always have a Farecard on you on the train.