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Ticket machine

Ticket machines offer customers an easy and favourable way to buy a ticket. Ticket machines allow you to buy standard class single tickets with your bank card or Elron Farecard at a 10% discount.

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Would you like to view or download the purchased ticket?

Make a choice according to the purchase - either a farecard or a bank card and fill in the fields accordingly.

How to buy a ticket?

1. Tap your bank card or Elron Farecard
2. Select a destination
3. Choose a ticket and quantity
4. Tap your bank card or Elron Farecard

Any tickets which have been purchased from a ticket machine by using a bank card are inspected by looking at the last four digits on the card.

Please note that the card number used on the phone or smartwatch differs from the one on the physical card.

Both card numbers are usually displayed on the smartphone app, so attention must be paid to ensure that the correct number is chosen. Different applications use different names to refer to the electronic card number.

Read the instructions here.