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Good practice on board trains

Muusika kuulamis juhised

Listening to music

To make the train a nice and peaceful place, please use earphones while listening to music or watching films and also refrain from any long and loud phone conversations..

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Travelling with a pet

It is only allowed to travel with a pet in the train’s C car (above car doors have a pet sticker). You do not have to buy an additional ticket for your pet.

Pets are not allowed in first class!

Kohvrite juhised

Consider your fellow passengers

Notice your fellow passengers and offer them a seat next to you, if it is not taken. If the train is crowded, please put your luggage on the overhead rack or under your seat or hold it in your lap. And naturally, feet do not belong on the seat, with or without shoes.

Söömise ja joomise juhised

Eating and drinking

You are allowed to consume any snacks and beverages (except for alcohol) you have brought along. Please do not thereby disturb your fellow passengers and make sure you leave your surroundings as clean as they were before you.