Good practice on board trains

Muusika kuulamine

Listening to music

To make the train a nice and peaceful place, please use earphones while listening to music or watching films and also refrain from any long and loud phone conversations..

Reisimine lemmikloomaga

Travelling with a pet

It is only allowed to travel with a pet in the train’s C area (car doors have a pet sticker). You do not have to buy an additional ticket for your pet.

Pets are not allowed in first class!

Kaasreisja seisab

Consider your fellow passengers

Notice your fellow passengers and offer them a seat next to you, if it is not taken. If the train is crowded, please put your luggage on the overhead rack or under your seat or hold it in your lap. And naturally, feet do not belong on the seat, with or without shoes.

Söömine ja joomine rongis

Eating and drinking

You are allowed to consume any snacks and beverages (except for alcohol) you have brought along. Please do not thereby disturb your fellow passengers and make sure you leave your surroundings as clean as they were before you.

Do I have to find the customer service representative as soon as I step on the train?

If you have a ticket, please validate it via a ticket machine when you get on the train. Then find a seat to your liking.
If you do not have a ticket, please let the customer service representative know that you would like to buy a ticket as soon as they reach you. Every passenger is required to buy a ticket. If you have bought a ticket onto your Farecard, tell that to the customer service representative when handing them the Farecard so that they would not sell you another ticket. If you want to buy or produce a discount ticket, please be sure to also show the customer service representative your document certifying your entitlement to the travel fare concession; if the document does not have your photo, please also show your identity document.

Do I definitely have to hang my bicycle on a rack?

The place intended for bicycles is in the C area which also has special racks for hanging your bicycle. If the train is quite crowded you should definitely hang your bicycle because it is a space saver. If necessary, you can hold on to your bicycle while standing near the door but you are required to make sure that your bicycle will not fall over or endanger other passengers. When boarding a train you can find the C area by the bicycle sign.

When to push the SOS button?

These buttons are intended for emergencies and you can find one at all exits. You should push the SOS button when, for example, someone did not manage to get off the train, the door did not open or an emergency occurred. When you push the SOS button a call is put through to the train driver and the relevant video feed is sent – briefly explain the problem.

How to enter a train with a wheelchair or a stroller/pram?

Places intended for wheelchairs and strollers/prams are in the C area which is equipped with special safety belts for securing strollers/prams and wheelchairs; accompanying persons can also find a seat there. The lavatory in the C area is wheelchair accessible and it also has a changing table. Choosing the right door is especially important for those who want to get off at a short platform stop because it is only possible to get off the train there through the train’s C area and in the event of coupled trains, through the C area of the first train in the direction of travel.

If you want to travel with a wheelchair, please give us 3 business days’ advance notice via e-mail [email protected]
During railway repairs a person in a wheelchair can use a replacement bus only if the wheelchair is stored in the luggage space (must be folded) and the passenger is able to get on the bus on their own. If the customer cannot leave their wheelchair, please inform us of your travel wish and specific travel times at least 3 business days in advance via e-mail ([email protected]). In that case we can organise a special wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Are scooters/skateboard/roller skates welcome on the train?

You may bring your scooter, skateboard or roller skates on board but you may not stand or move around on them. The train does not travel at steady speed and it may, above all, endanger the person using said items.

Save time and money – buy a ticket online

A ticket bought online gives a 15% discount compared to a ticket bought from the customer service representative on the train.

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