Compensation in the event of delay

Elron shall refund the cost of a journey (except season tickets) in full if the train is delayed 30 or more minutes, as follows:

a. In the event of pre-purchased tickets, the cost of the ticket will be refunded to the passenger on the basis of their written application.

b. The cost of a one-way ticket will be compensated on the train upon the request of the passenger if the ticket was purchased aboard the same train. If the price of the ticket is compensated for on the train, the customer service representative buys back the ticket and refunds the passenger either on their Elron Farecard or in cash or by cancelling the card payment.

c. If the train is 30 or more minutes late, the passenger does not have to buy a ticket for this train and can travel for free. The customer service representative is obligated to inform the passengers of a delay and of possible compensation for their ticket.

NB! In the event of the above single or recurring delays or cancellations, passengers using season tickets are compensated for the cost of a delayed journey on the basis of their written application. Compensation is conditioned upon a ticket checked on the train along with valid right to be carried aboard the delayed train. The amount subject to compensation is:

a. 0.5-day cost if ticket is valid 1–5 days;

b. 1-day cost if ticket is valid for longer than 5 days. The reasonable additional expenses for national replacement transport are subject to compensation if Elron failed to secure a scheduled journey and the passenger was not provided with replacement transport within two hours after the scheduled time of departure. All compensation for damage arising from travel is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Compensation procedure

The payment of compensation is decided by Eesti Liinirongid AS within 3 (three) working days after receipt of the passenger’s application. At least the following information must be specified in the application:

1. An exact reference to the departure, in relation to which problems occurred (date; number of the journey; the stops between which the passenger intended to use the train, and the stops between which the passenger actually used the train);
2. If the ticket is on paper, the ticket number, the original ticket or its scanned copy should be sent by e-mail or fax;
3. If the passenger is looking for compensation for the expenses of replacement transport, they should submit the receipts for taxi, fuel, bus ticket and other documents or their copies, which would prove expenses on replacement transport;
4. The number of Elron Farecard or the personal identification number if the passenger was using an ID ticket; the number of the bank account of the passenger together with their first name and surname if they want the relevant amount to be transferred to their bank account;
5. Other necessary information required by Eesti Liinirongid AS.

Please send the application for compensation along with additional materials to