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Compensation for delay and cancellation


Do you want to apply for compensation?

Use the convenient return form or write [email protected]

Compensation in the event of delay or cancellation

If your train is delayed by 30 minutes or more (or cancelled), we will give you a full refund for your single ticket(s). On-board staff must inform passengers of  delays and possible compensation.

Compensation for additional expenses and loss

In exceptional circumstances Elron, at its discretion, may consider claims for other losses beyond the cost of your ticket, for example reasonable costs that you incur for alternative means of travel if Elron fails to deliver a scheduled journey and arrange replacement transport within two hours after the scheduled departure.
Elron will consider these claims on a case-by-case basis.  

Ticket refund

If you have not yet bought a ticket and the train is delayed by 30 minutes or more, you do not have to buy a ticket and can travel on the train for free.

If you purchased a single ticket on train that is delayed by 30 minutes or more, you can ask on-board staff to give you a full refund by the same method that you used to pay for the ticket - reloading the money to your Elron Farecard, giving the refund in cash or cancelling your card payment.

Pre-purchased tickets and portions of season tickets are refunded on the basis of  the passenger’s written application.
Compensation for a delayed or cancelled journey to passengers using season tickets is conditioned on a ticket validated on the train in question. Based on the total length of your ticket, we calculate the daily travel cost and the compensation which is

a. 0.5 daily cost for a season ticket of 1-5 days
b. 1 daily cost for a season ticket of more than 5 days.

How to claim a refund or compensation

If you wish to get a refund for a pre-purchased ticket or claim compensation for additional expenses, you should send the claim to [email protected]
The following details and documents are required to support a claim:

1. Details of the journey: the date, journey number, the stations between which you planned to travel and the actual stations between which you used the train;

2. The ticket (PDF, scan or digital photograph) or its number or the number of the Elron Farecard where the ticket had been loaded. 

3. Scans or digital photographs proving expenses incurred for alternative means of travel for which you claim compensation (eg bus tickets or taxi receipts).

4. How you would like to receive the compensation (Elron Farecard or a bank account).

5. The IBAN number of the account and its holder’s full name, if you wish the money to be transferred to a bank account.

How fast will I receive a refund or compensation?

The refund to your Farecard will be transferred immediately. The refund to your bank account will be transferred within five working days from the day we receive your application and all the required information. 

Elron shall decide the payment of compensation within 3 working days of receipt of your application and the required documents and details. The compensation to your bank account will be transferred within five working days of your claim being agreed by Elron.