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Elroni rongid depoos
26.10.2022 16:00

Starting Friday, there are several changes to the westbound train schedule

From 20:00 on Friday evening until Sunday evening, we service passengers between Pääsküla and Keila with buses, and trains run from Keila to Turba and Paldiski at different times. From Monday, 31 October, a new busier schedule will be in effect in the westbound direction.

Due to construction works, the Pääsküla-Keila railway section will be closed to traffic on the weekend, so the train timetable will also change, and replacement buses will have to be used between Pääsküla and Keila. Regular train tickets are valid for all buses.

The last westbound trip, which we serve in full by train, leaves Tallinn on Friday, 28 October, at 18:49. The last train from Keila to Tallinn departs at 19:27. All later departures between Keila and Pääsküla on Friday will be replaced by buses, and we will also serve passengers with buses throughout the weekend. Based on the revised timetable, trains run only on the Tallinn-Pääsküla and Keila-Turba, Keila-Paldiski, and Keila-Kloogaranna sections.

Elron asks all users of Valingu Stop to be careful. When moving in the direction of Tallinn, the replacement buses will stop in the parking lot at the Valingu train station, but when moving from Tallinn in the direction of Keila, the buses will stop at the "Korvi" stop on the Tallinn ring road and will not go to Valingu train station. The use of "Korvi" stop allows buses to stay on schedule and is necessary for this situation so that train and bus traffic can operate in sync.

Please note that it is not possible to transport bicycles on replacement buses. For passengers with a wheelchair, we ask that you inform us of your travel wishes before traveling by e-mail at [email protected], so that we can arrange for a low-floor bus if possible.

The stops of the replacement buses are marked with signs in Elron colors, and their locations, along with information about schedule changes, can be found on the Elron website atwww.elron.ee 

From next week, the train traffic will increase in density

From Monday, 31 October, a new traffic schedule will apply in the westbound direction. There will be more trains running than before, but due to the ongoing construction works, journey times will still be longer than usual, and for some journeys, you will have to change to another train in Pääsküla. Corresponding information is displayed for a specific trip in the Elron timetable search, and all passengers on the train will also be informed of the need to change trains.

In order to keep up to date with timetable changes, we recommend ordering notifications from the Elron website, so that information about changes to the relevant direction will be sent to your e-mail address.