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Elroni rong
28.07.2020 12:43

The railway section between Pääsküla and Keila to be open for rail traffic again from August 3

Starting from Monday next week, August 3, there will be changes in the schedules of trains bound to Keila, Paldiski, Turba, and Kloogaranna. You can take a train on the Pääsküla-Keila section again, in a few cases you will also need to use buses.

While buses need to be used between Pääsküla and Keila this week, you can travel that section by train again starting from the beginning of the new week. However, the repairs are still in progress, so we are unable to provide the service at the normal frequency and the journey time can also be longer.

To get to Kloogaranna, you still need to take a bus for the distance between the last two stops; also in the mornings, one trip is operated with a bus from Paldiski to Keila where you can transfer to a train going to Tallinn. This way passengers will get to the city at a more convenient time. We are hoping to restore the normal train frequencies in mid-August.

Detailed information about schedule changes and the stops of replacement buses is available on Elron’s website and on the information stands on the platforms, free train information is given on the 24/7 hotline 616 0245.

Please note that you cannot transport bicycles in replacement buses. People with reduced mobility are asked to contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 616 0245 to travel on sections served by replacement buses.