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Elroni rong
02.07.2020 11:28

More than 45 million train rides in 7 years

By now, the new generation Elron passenger trains have ridden the Estonian railways for 7 years. If in 2013, slightly more than 4 million rides were taken on a train, then by today, Elron has more than doubled the popularity of train traffic thanks to fast inter-city connections, denser departure schedules and more comfortable trains.

More than 45 million trips have been taken on Elron trains in 7 years. “From 2014, the passenger numbers have made new records every year, reaching 8.3 million trips by 2019. 2020 would have been a record year as well, if the global crisis would not have reached us,” said Elron sales and development manager Ronnie Kongo and stated that as the summer is approaching, the client numbers are going up again and soon, with the repair works also ending, the normal travel volumes are hopefully restored.

Kongo highlighted that in seven years, the electric trains have made more than 26 million travels, that is the number of daily commuters between the capital and areas nearby has significantly increased.

The most passengers have been added to the Tallinn-Riisipere-Turba, Tallinn-Paldiski and Tallinn-Tartu lines.

“Since the trains take you from Tallinn to Tartu, Valga and Narva significantly faster than a bus or a car, then the long-distance line trains have also gained popularity over the years, because in addition to speed, travelling by train also allows to use your time effectively, for instance, for working or reading a book,” Kongo said. “Travelling this way is good for the environment.”

He stressed that the spring and summertime repair works help to improve the passenger train travel in the coming years and shorten the travel times even more.

As an advantage of Elron, passengers have highlighted the fact that train takes you to the destination in a faster and safer manner. Among else, Elron statistics show that 99% of the trips have been according to the schedule and on time.

Kongo reminded that since during peak periods almost the entire Elron train fleet is in use then to keep up with the increasing demand for train travel, the procurement process for new additional train is currently in progress.

Elron started operating with new passenger trains on 1 July 2013 when the first modern electric train departed.