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Elroni rong depoos
25.08.2020 11:52

Keila, Paldiski, Kloogaranna, and Turba train schedules to get busier

Major railway repair work in the Western direction is going to be completed and in a week’s time, from 31st of August, there will be additional departures on the Keila, Paldiski, Kloogaranna, as well as Turba line. There will be no more need to use buses.

“The repair work that significantly influences rail traffic is coming to an end and we are glad to be able to also make the westbound schedule busier right before the school starts,” said Ronnie Kongo, Elron’s Sales and Development Manager. “Pre-repair travel frequencies will be restored between Tallinn and Keila, and Paldiski and Turba can be reached more quickly again compared to the past weeks. Also, no departures will be replaced by buses anymore. Journey times on the Keila-Turba and Keila-Paldiski sections will still be a bit longer than usual, we are hoping to change that, too, already at the end of September.”

The schedules are available on Elron’s website and on the information stands on the platforms, free train information is given on the 24/7 hotline 616 0245.