Elron’s trains serve as mobile offices for a number of companies

Viljandi rong Balti jaamas

More than 200 Estonian companies use Elron’s trains every week as a connection between their offices which are located in different places around Estonia. According to those companies, the greatest advantages of using Elron’s trains are the fact that it is possible to work on the train, as well as always being able to count on arriving on time.

Elron’s sales and development manager, Ronnie Kongo, explained that in the last five years, during which Elron has allowed businesses to conveniently pay for employee rail travel by submitting an invoice at the end of each month, the number of business travellers has increased every year, especially on long-distance routes.

‘The employees of more than 200 different organisations use trains for their weekly transport. Even though use of the short-distance routes around the capital has also intensified in the last few years, most business customers use trains as means of intercity transport, which also enables them to work while they travel,’ said Kongo. He added that ticket sales figures reveal that business customers usually prefer to travel in first class where they are able to concentrate on their work in a degree of peace and quiet.

Cleveron’s marketing manager, Edith Väli, admitted that as Cleveron has two offices - the development centre in Viljandi and the office in Tallinn - the company’s employees use trains very frequently - a hundred times a month on average.

‘Many of Cleveron’s teams are divided between the two cities, which is why almost everyone must occasionally travel from Tallinn to Viljandi or vice versa. The people in the software development, supply chain, marketing, and all of the other departments need to travel at times, so the process of commuting does not depend on one’s position,’ said Väli.

She admitted that none of the employees need to travel between the cities on a daily basis but, two or three times a week, they do start their working day on a train or finish the day on a train to get back home.

‘We prefer trains because even though it takes two hours to get from the capital to Viljandi, this time can be used as part of the working day, as it is easily possible to carry out normal office work on a train. We only hope that the Wi-Fi and mobile connections will get even better in time,’ said Väli.

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