Elron restores normal train traffic on Tartu route

Elroni rong Balti jaamas

Railway repair works on the Tartu route are complete and from 28 June, normal departure schedule is restored on the route. Changes are made also in the schedules of other routes.

“Estonian Railways Ltd is almost finished with the repair works on the Tabivere-Kärkna segment, meaning that from the end of this week, from 28 June, we can provide the Tartu-route passengers once again with more convenience – no more replacement buses, the entire route can be travelled onboard a train every day. The travelling time will extend slightly due to the speed limits, but it is crucial that we get to add more departures by restoring all the Tartu departures that were scheduled also before the corona-crisis. Thanks to this, we can also add more trains to the Valga and Koidula lines,” Elron sales and development manager Ronnie Kongo highlighted.

“Since all trains (the Southwest and East region trains) enter and exit the Baltic Station using the same tracks then amending the Tartu schedule means also inevitable changes in the schedules of other lines. Smaller changes are made in the schedules of the South-West lines, but also the Tallinn-Aegviidu line, the departure time of one Tallinn-Narva express train also changes. Additionally, more departures are added between Tallinn and Pääsküla.”

The schedules are available on the Elron website and soon also on the railway platforms, train information is also available free of charge 24/7 via the information line 616 0245.

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