Elron to gradually improve schedules

Elroni rong Balti jaamas

In May, 345,000 trips were made with Elron’s trains. Although the number of passengers is on a rise again, at the beginning of June there are still 40% less passengers than a year ago. Elron will continue to tighten the schedules for better travelling conditions.

“In May, more than twice as many trips were made with Elron’s trains than in April, but we are still miles away from the normal situation. Compared to last year’s May, there were as much as 52% less passengers,” said Ronnie Kongo, Elron’s Sales and Development Manager, and expressed the hope that the number of passengers will continue to grow also in June, which in turn will help restore the normal passenger train traffic.

For the passengers to have enough space in the trains, Elron has been consistently tightening its schedules.

“We started adding departures already before the end of the emergency situation, on May 11. We have also been using coupled trains for the most popular trips,” Kongo asserted, and pointed out that they planned to tighten the schedules also in the future.

“Starting from yesterday, we restored the normal schedules on the Rapla, Türi, and Viljandi routes as well as between Tallinn and Aegviidu. This means that currently there are fewer trains only on those sections where repairs are in progress and normal traffic is not possible,” Ronnie Kongo explained.

More departures also on the Tartu route 

“Normal rail traffic on the Tallinn-Tartu route will be fully restored on June 28 when the railway repairs on the Tabivere-Kärkna section should be completed. Until then, we have included additional trains for Fridays and Sundays so that more people could travel by train with greater comfort during the busiest journey times,” Kongo explained, and added that an increase in the traffic between Tallinn and Tartu at the end of the month will allow them to add trains also on the Valga and Koidula routes.

“If passengers wish to keep a longer distance with the other passengers in the train, we recommend choosing daytime or late night departures. For example, when taking a train from Tartu to Tallinn on a Friday or Sunday, you can be sure that a train departing around 8 o’clock in the evening will have noticeably fewer passengers than the earlier departures. As for the rush hour departures when there are more passengers in the trains, it’s worth considering using a face mask like it’s done in the public transport vehicles in other European countries because in that case it’s not possible to keep a long distance with the other passengers,” Kongo recommended.

In May, Elron’s ticket sales were nearly 0.8 million euros, which is 51% less than in 2019.


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