Changes in Western direction schedules – ride to Turba faster

Elroni rong Balti jaamas

From 14 September, the journey to Riisipere and Turba will be faster. Minor changes are also made on some Paldiski, Keila and Pääsküla departures.

“Thanks to the ongoing repair works we can once again provide faster journeys to Riisipere and Turba. The travel time is cut by 8-9 minutes in most places, but in certain sections the train ride is now even more than 30 minutes shorter, which is why we wanted to implement the new schedule as soon as possible. The changes between Tallinn and Keila are minimum, but you should nevertheless check the departure times – for example, the current 20.19 Tallinn-Turba train will now depart at 20.07 again,” Elron Sales and Development Manager Ronnie Kongo explained.

The schedules are available on the Elron website and on the information stands on train platforms, train information is also available free of charge via telephone 616 0245.

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