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Elroni rong Balti jaamas
08.07.2020 09:06

Changes in Keila, Paldiski, Kloogaranna and Turba train schedules from 13 July.

The repair works in Paldiski station are progressing and from next week, 13 July, passengers can once again travel by train between Keila and Paldiski. Replacement buses are still used on the Valingu-Keila segment, and also on Klooga-Kloogaranna segment when going to Kloogaranna. Normal traffic to Keila, Paldiski and Turba will resume in August.

“If until now buses had to be used on the Keila-Paldiski segment, then thanks to the repair works progressing, we can once again start using trains on this section from next week. Thus, there will be changes in the schedules from next Monday,” Elron sales and development manager Ronnie Kongo said.

Until the end of June, the Valingu-Keila section is still covered by bus.

“Since the repair works in the Keila station are still in process, we must continue using buses between Valingu and Keila until the end of this month. Buses also continue taking passengers to Kloogranna on the short Klooga-Kloogranna segment. Slight inconvenience is also expected in the last week of July when buses must be used over the entire Pääsküla-Keila segment due to the repairs. We can restore normal train traffic in the western direction in August and then we will not need to use the buses as much,” Kongo specified.

Detailed information on schedule changes is available on the Elron website and on the information stands on train platforms, train information is also available free of charge via telephone 616 0245.