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Elroni rongid depoos
15.03.2023 08:40

In April, Märt Ehrenpreis will take office as a member of Elron's new management board.

From April 24, Märt Ehrenpreis will start working as a member of the Management Board in the field of technology. Märt Ehrenpreis will take over the responsibility from Riho Seppar, who has contributed to the development of Estonian passenger train traffic for more than 22 years.

Elron's Council, in cooperation with the HR company Fontes, conducted a public competition to find a new member of the Management Board in the field of technology. Märt Ehrenpreis was elected. The term of the current member of the Management Board, Riho Seppar, ends in April this year.

Ehrenpreis will start work as a member of Elron's Management Board on April 24 and will be responsible for the leadership and development of the technical, traffic management, administration, and purchasing departments.

"Elron's Council and team are grateful to Riho Seppar, who has contributed to the development of the Estonian passenger train service for over 22 years and is now handing over his position to a new member of the Management Board. In addition to the streamlining of traffic management and maintenance processes and the development of teams, Märt Ehrenpreis will also face the company's major projects, such as the integration of new Škoda trains into railway traffic, the design of a new depot and its construction in Soodevahe," said Andres Allikmäe, Chairman of Council. 

"Ehrenpreis' candidacy and his ambition to contribute to the company's development best met the criteria of the competition for the position of Elron Management Board member and the development plans of the company for the next few years. He has long-term previous work experience in the railway sector, as he has worked as the head of the telecom and security systems department of AS Eesti Raudtee and contributed to investment projects to improve the safety of train traffic. In addition, in the last few years, Ehrenpreis has managed the branch office of a Finnish company in Estonia, which offers railway infrastructure design services," Allikmäe pointed out the reasons behind the election of Ehrenpreis as a member of Elron's Management Board.

Allikmäe is convinced that Märt Ehrenpreis and the chairman of the Management Board, Lauri Betlem, will form an excellent tandem to manage Elron, cooperating with all the company's current and future partners and the Council.

Märt Ehrenpreis said that joining Elron gives him the opportunity to contribute to the development of environmentally sustainable transport solutions in Estonia.

"Elron has a strong potential and the opportunity to grow technically into one of the most modern passenger transport companies in the region, with professional employees, modern rolling stock, and maintenance infrastructure standing behind the smooth passenger transport service," said Ehrenpreis.

He added that the current Elron team had done a very great and long-awaited job, which will result in new additional passenger trains being introduced at the end of 2024. "The reception of new trains, the development of logistics and maintenance capabilities to meet the requirements, and the integration of new trains into traffic are the first major projects to which I can contribute as a new member of the Management Board," Ehrenpreis pointed out.

Märt Ehrenpreis