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Elroni rong Tartus
01.09.2020 10:18

On 7 and 8 September, replacement buses ride between Palupera and Valga

Due to railway repairs a temporary schedule is enforced on the Tartu-Valga line on 7 and 8 September. Replacement buses are partially used on the Palupera-Valga section.

The Palupera-Puka railway section is temporarily closed for train traffic from 8.00 on 7 September until 20.00 the next day. Therefore, buses must be used on the Palupera-Valga section.
In the morning of 7 September, the first early departures from Valga ride normally, but replacement buses are used between Valga and Palupera on other departures.
On 8 September, all departures have replacement buses, excluding the last Tartu-Valga departure at night which is completely covered by train.

Replacement bus stops are marked with signs in Elron’s colours, the locations with detailed information on schedule changes is available on the Elron website and on the information stands on train platforms, train information is also available free of charge via telephone 616 0245.

Please note that bicycles cannot be taken aboard the replacement buses. Passengers with reduced mobility seeking to travel the segment serviced by replacement buses are kindly requested to contact us by e-mailing [email protected] or calling (+372) 6160245.

These changes are enforced only on 7 and 8 September and after this the trains resume riding according to the current schedule.