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Elroni rong Tartus
13.07.2020 13:02

1st half-year results: nearly three million train rides

2.77 million trips were taken with Elron trains during the first six months of the year. The most rides were taken in January.

“As we know, the first six months of the year were complicated – the global pandemic impacted many, but public transportation was hit especially hard. If during the first months, the passenger numbers went up by more than 10% compared to last year, then after the movement restrictions were enforced, we were left with a tenth of our passengers at the height of the crisis. We made great efforts to ensure service on all lines so that people could make the necessary trips – we were forced to thin the schedules due to passenger shortage, but we did not close any lines and we started adding departures already before the state of emergency was ended,” Elron sales and development manager Ronnie Kongo commented.

“As the summer is approaching, it is great to see that the passenger numbers are going up again, although in June, the passenger number was still lower nearly by a third. Nevertheless, the trains are riding according to the normal schedules on most lines, including between Tallinn and Tartu. There are few less departures only on the lines were repair works are disturbing the normal schedule,” Kongo added. “This concerns primarily the western direction where we hope to add departures again in the middle of August. We are also eagerly anticipating the end of the year, when it will be possible to shorten the travel times on many lines thanks to the repair works, meaning an even better and faster service for the clients.”

In the first six months, the most rides were taken on the Tallinn-Paldiski, Tallinn-Riisipere-Turba and Tallinn-Tartu lines.