As of 14 October there will be some changes to the timetable for trains to Turba

Elroni rong Balti jaamas

Due to repair work being carried out on the railway, some changes are being implemented to the timetable for trains to Turba from 14 October, with replacement buses being used in the sections between Vasalemma and Turba, and Keila and Turba.

‘Due to work being carried out at Vasalemma station, we will have to change the timetable for Turba trains from 14 October and also use replacement buses for some journeys,’ said Ronnie Kongo, sales and development manager at Elron. ‘Fortunately, relatively few departures have to be replaced with buses, just three journeys a day from Keila to Vasalemma and five journeys a day from Keila to Turba. The time that has been set out for the repair work also overlaps with the school holidays, when the number of passengers is somewhat lower than normal. We will do our best in cooperation with Estonian Railways to make sure that the work has the minimum impact on the daily journeys of our passengers.’

On Saturday 17 October, the section of railway between Keila and Vasalemma will be closed for the entire day due to repair work being carried out on the bridge.

‘As there will be no trains from Keila towards Turba on Saturday 17 October, replacement buses must be taken on journeys in this direction throughout the entire day,’ specified Kongo. ‘As of 18 October, the majority of trains will be able to run again as normal and only a few rail journeys will need to be replaced by buses. Please make sure you check the timetable on our website for your specific day of travel before planning your journey.’

Stops for the replacement buses will be marked out with boards that are in Elron’s colours. The locations of the stops and information about changes to the timetable can also be found on the Elron website and on the information boards on the platforms. Free rail travel information can also be obtained by calling the 24-hour information line: 616 0245.

Note that replacement buses cannot accommodate bicycles on board. Passengers with reduced mobility seeking to travel the segment serviced by replacement buses are kindly requested to contact us by e-mailing abi@elron.ee or calling (+372) 6160245.

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