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Repairs at Paldiski Station to Change Train Schedules

Elroni rong

From June 25, there will be changes in the schedules of trains bound to Keila, Paldiski, Turba, and Kloogaranna. Elron will tighten schedules, buses will need to be used on the Valingu-Paldiski section due to repairs at the Paldiski Station.

“Estonian Railway is starting repairs at the Paldiski Station, so it will not be possible to get there by train over a few weeks. Those who are travelling to Paldiski will have to take a bus on the Valingu-Paldiski section from June 25. In the case of some trips, please note that there are two buses bound to Paldiski – one makes a stop in all the intermediate stops, while the other one goes straight to Paldiski, making only one intermediate stop in Keila. This way we can offer people in Paldiski a shorter journey time. In order to choose the right bus, please pay attention and check the information signs on the buses,” described Ronnie Kongo, Elron’s Sales and Development Manager.

“At select times, you can also take the Paldiski bound bus to go to Kloogaranna – in Valingu, take the bus that goes through all the stops. Turba trains will still be replaced by buses only on the Valingu-Keila section between two stops, which means that those who go to Turba will be able to continue their journey by train starting from Keila, just the way it is now.”

The stops for replacement buses will be marked with boards in Elron’s colors, their locations along with information about schedule changes are available on Elron’s website and soon also on the information stands on the platforms, free train information is given on the 24/7 hotline 616 0245.

Please note that you cannot transport bicycles in replacement buses. People with reduced mobility are asked to contact us at abi@elron.ee or by phone at 616 0245 to travel on sections served by replacement buses.

Repair work at the Paldiski Station will continue until July 12, and until July 31 on the Keila-Valingu section. Normal westbound rail traffic will be restored in August.